EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was broadcast before the death of Sgt. Lance McLean on Saturday.

HICO - Hico is a small Texas town with Old West charm and a new broken heart.

It's the home of Sgt. Lance McLean, the Hood County deputy who was shot in the line of duty on Friday.

Many of those close to the McLean family left town to travel to Fort Worth as loved ones held vigil at John Peter Smith Hospital, where McLean remained in critical condition late Friday night. The deputy was shot in the head while answering a disturbance call near Granbury.

The alleged gunman, Ricky Don McCommas, was later shot and killed by Granbury police after wounding Officer Chad Davis, of the Granbury Police Department. Davis suffered a non-life-threatening wound.

"He's just a super good guy, honest, sincere," said Wayne Hiles, a close friend and hunting buddy of McLean. "He tells you something that's the way it is. He likes being a cop; that's his life and he's a good one"

He also serves as a firefighter for the Hico Volunteer Fire Department. Fellow firefighters were gathered at the department Friday night and visibly shaken.

He served with several different police departments in and around Hico before joining Hood County five years ago. He serves on their Honor Guard.

McLean and his wife, a Hico teacher, are raising two disabled children. They'd recently been trying to win a specially-equipped van for their oldest son, who is in a wheelchair. Hiles became a bit stoic as he talked of McLean as a father.

"He'd do anything for them kids," he said.

Evident on the social media profiles of McLean and his wife is a deep loyalty to the Texas Rangers. But Hiles said Lance is a loyal friend, too.

"I told his father-in-law to tell my hog hunting buddy I'm rooting for him," he said with a chuckle.

He added he was sure many prayers were being said across the community.

A fund for the McLean family has been set up under their name at the First National Bank of Hico.


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