HOUSTON -- A man wanted for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend and killing her 16-year-old son in Baytown was found under a downtown bridge overnight, police said.

Only KHOU 11 News was there as Dene McCarter, 44, was taken into custody under Interstate 45 early Monday morning.

Investigators in Baytown said McCarter attacked his girlfriend with a knife during an argument on Sunday night, seriously injuring her.

It happened outside the victim s apartment shortly before 9 p.m. in the 3500 block of East James in Baytown, according to police.

Apparently the female s son attempted to protect his mother, tried to fend off the attack, said an investigator Sunday night. He, in turn, was stabbed -- the son was attacked several times with a knife, and he is deceased.

McCarter then fled the scene, and the mother was sent to the hospital by LifeFlight.

Police said the suspect was later found in his truck, which was parked under a freeway near downtown Houston.

Detectives said the suspect surrendered without a struggle, and he he was transported back to Baytown for questioning. No charges have been filed yet.

As of Monday morning, the injured woman remained in serious condition at the hospital. Her identity has not been released.

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