DALLAS Dallas police got to storm a school Friday, breaking out windows and breaching doors.

Bishop Lynch High School is tearing down an old building on Saturday, so they let the Dallas SWAT team come in and tear up the place.

The SWAT team practiced scenarios where hostages were being held and a shooter was in the school.

This week, we've been practicing training techniques we can't do without a building we can demolish -- manually breech doors or windows, said Lt. Paul Junger, who leads the SWAT team.

The school says training like this benefits both the department and the community.

We realize tragedies could happen here, similar to those we have all read about, could happen at a private school as well as public school, said Bishop Lynch President Edward Leyden. So to offer the opportunity to police offers opportunity to not just the department and others, but to ourselves as well.

Police say with each school tragedy they have learned the importance of proper training and getting officers to the shooter as quickly as possible, and training like can save lives.


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