DALLAS Dalrock Road is a series of winding turns off Interstate 30 that confuses drivers.

Early Saturday, those twists led one motorist to drive straight into the water at Lake Ray Hubbard.

Dalrock Road leads to a boat ramp that is poorly marked and dimly lit. In fact, the Rockwall County Sheriff says another car went into the water at another boat ramp not far away two months ago.

On Monday, Dallas city crews were out installing warning signs. The city says it will now evaluate five improvements that would help disoriented drivers.

But City Council member Sheffie Kadane, who represents the district, says it's not time to evaluate... it's time to act.

If they didn't know it was a boat ramp, now they're going to know it's a boat ramp, and that's what needs to happen, he said.

Dashcam video showed Ngac Do and her cousin, Nhi Tran, trapped inside their sinking car early Saturday morning. Neither knew how to swim.

Rockwall County Deputy Keven Rowan waded out to save the young women just moments before the car slipped below the water.

On Monday, the Dallas Park and Recreation Department said it will consider five changes at the Robertson Park boat ramp:

  • replacing signs
  • adding reflective signs
  • installing pavement markings
  • installing road humps
  • installing barricades

Kadane said he will ensure that all these are accomplished within two weeks.

Those things will be done, he pledged. We're going to make sure they're done.

Fisherman Paul Marshburn, who came by to check out the scene on Monday, is worried the city will close the boat ramp and limit his access to good fishing.

Somebody does something silly. Everybody gets excited and they shut her down, he said.

But Kadane said that won't happen, and he expressed confidence that the cash-strapped city will find the money it needs to fix this problem fast.


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