DALLAS - Saying goodbye isn't easy at any age.

I loved her so much, a teenage girl told the crowd in a quivering voice over a microphone.

Friday nights for high schoolers aren't supposed to be like this.

This just doesn't happen to people we know, another teenager explained.

More than 300 students returned to Dallas ISD's Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy Friday night to remember Tania Enamorado, 16.

She was just telling me before she left school, 'I love you, best friend. I'm going to come see you tomorrow, girl. I got something to tell you!' But then they called me and told me she was gone, another friend shared with the crowd.

On the way home from school Thursday afternoon, Tania's twin brother, Mauricio, lost control of their black Honda Accord on a slick spot of Lancaster Road in South Oak Cliff, while trying to speed up to a friend.

Tania, sitting in the back of the sedan, died instantly investigators said when the car slammed into a utility pole.

Mauricio, who just got his license last month, is in critical condition and their 16-year-old cousin, Isis Enamorado, remains stable.

Be happy because Tania is in a better place now, one of Tania's classmates told the crowd. She wouldn't want all this sadness going around because y'all know she was always happy no matter what.

This accident is the first time this four-year-old campus ever dealt with a student's death.

Classmates read, reflected, then released balloons carrying prayers to a teenage girl taken too soon.

Before leaving an outdoor amphitheater at the school, students collected money to help pay for Tania's funeral.

Her family did not have insurance and will likely face trouble trying to pay for it, said Gayle Ferguson Smith, the school's principal.


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