DALLAS A Dallas City Council member added more fuel to the fire concerning a referee's controversial call at a high school playoff football game on Saturday.

Dwayne Caraway said a bad call robbed Skyline of a victory over Southlake Carroll, and demands the University Interscholastic League investigate.

Skyline led late in Saturday's game, but Carroll took possession after an onside kick that Skyline fans claim didn't travel the required 10 yards.

But the officials ruled it did go far enough, and that gave Carroll the chance to go on to score, and win 28-24.

Fans complain about refs calls all the time, but rare is the complaint from the Dallas City Council chambers by a member.

It's not fair for Southlake Carroll to celebrate a victory that clearly was undeserving, Caraway said.

Skyline sits in Caraway's council district. And Caraway, who said he attended the game, claims the refs didn't want Skyline to win.

[It was] a combination: bad call and favoritism, because there were several other bad calls before that, Caraway alleged.

He wants the UIL to investigate, but the agency says it won't.

We have a rule that specifically states a protest will not be considered if it's based on the judgment or call of a contest official, referee or judge, said UIL Deputy Director Jamey Harrison.

The UIL said the Texas Association of Sports Officials assigned the referees, who came from the TASO regional chapter.

In this particular case, the two head coaches agreed on a chapter, we informed the chapter they had been selected for this game, and they assigned the officials, Harrison said.

Carroll ISD won the game to advance to Saturday's 5A Division I championship, and said in a statement,: As for any protest or complaint, Carroll ISD considers this a UIL matter and we will defer to UIL officials for comment as they deem appropriate.

The Dallas ISD also considers the the refs' calls inappropriate, and the district still plans to formally complain to the UIL.

It just needs to be admitted it was a bad call, Caraway said.


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