It's been a couple of weeks since Black Friday but it's not too late to take away an important lesson from the biggest shopping day of the year that we may have missed.

It s this week's uncut commentary.

You saw the near fanatical shoppers climbing over each other to get Christmas deals the day after Thanksgiving.

Good news. We re shopping again, sales are up and a possible economic rebound.

I don't mean to sound like Scrooge, but is that shopping frenzy really the example we want to set for our children?

The pepper spray shopper we all know was out of line.

But the spirit of the season, Thanksgiving or Christmas, seems to me to have been missed in the mad rush to beat everybody else to the half priced TV s and discount coupons.

Think for a moment. You've seen crowds of other people in other countries gathered behind relief helicopters or trucks dispensing food. The men are knocking down the women and children for a morsel of food.

I used think that even if a serious food shortage happened here, we were above that.

Now I wonder. And this wasn't even for food or water or about survival.
A viewer recently called me talking about her Mother, Helen Hood, who recently passed away. The valuable lesson her Mom taught and lived: family and friends are always more important than things.

You know every minute of our lives we teach our children, other adults and other countries.

It s great that we're shopping.

But let us not miss the opportunity to teach the real spirit of the season.

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