DALLAS - The National Basketball Association's lockout was caused by an inability to reach an agreement on a revenue split, but that disagreement means no revenue for hundreds of workers at the American Airlines Center.

NBA games make up about one-third of the events held year-round at the AAC. The Mavericks play 41 games per year at the arena and were scheduled to start their season at the beginning of October, until the lockout led to the delay of the regular season.

The NBA owners will lose an estimated $1 million per game canceled, while the players will lose a collective $350 million per month in salary.

The lockout has also delayed the Mavs' celebration of their NBA title.

The Mavericks will have to wait to collect their championship rings. The players were supposed to receive their rings in a ceremony at the season opener.

But that's little relief for those with less to lose.

More than 800 people work at the AAC as event staff and in concession booths. They also will not collect a paycheck for the games that are canceled due to the lockout.


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