DALLAS - Walking in the Dallas Museum of Art is like walking right onto the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

But while we see couture, like gowns made of nothing but beads or outfits inspired by different cultures, the creator of this magic sees his message.

Jean Paul Gaultier says life is beautiful and fantasy is possible.

Beauty is not only to have a nose like that, or lips like that - no, Gaultier said. Beauty is dark, black, white, yellow, whatever. It's everywhere. So open your eyes.

He tells stories of even finding inspiration of something as simple as a cat food tin. That brass look made it into his next collection.

I am truly spontaneous and through my clothes you can see who I am, Gaultier said.

And that's a man who is passionate and keeping himself fresh by never putting life in cruise control.

When you get too mature, you get very disciplined and in the routine of doing things you always do, Gaultier said.

His message to woman is to be yourself - not a clone. And to show emotion and take pride in what makes you unique.

You have to know very well yourself [sic], to accept yourself and how different you are, Gaultier said. To be proud of your difference and to show it and not to hide it.

The Sidewalk to the Catwalk will be at the Dallas Museum of Art Nov. 13 to Feb. 12.


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