DALLAS - A Hazmat team found chemicals found in a Dallas home to not be explosive.

The team was called to the home, located in the 6000 block of Swiss Avenue, after a group of deputies discovered the chemicals while seizing the home.

As our deputies cleared the residence, they came across some chemicals, an official said. Once we came across those chemicals, we called the fire department.

A U.S. Marshal official said a seizure warrant was issued by the federal government as part of a medical fraud case dating back to 2005. He said it was part of restitution estimated at about $1.6 million.

A similar warrant had been issued in 2007, which was when the federal government took household items from inside. The property was later forfeited to the government, the official said.

A friend of the homeowner said the former resident was a doctor who had been fighting the government in an attempt to keep the home.

Sources said a man living in the home committed suicide about two weeks ago. But, the fight to keep the home had been ongoing, with documents submitted as late as today. It is believed that the man who committed suicide is not the homeowner.


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