McKINNEY McKinney chiropractor David Russell is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting two young girls.

Police are now aware of two more alleged victims, and that number could grow.

An eight-page arrest warrant affidavit details the sexual assault allegations against Russell.

Russell volunteered his services to the Lovejoy ISD sports teams until last week, when two teenage students he treated at his McKinney office started talking.

According to the court documents, an instructor from the Taylor Dance Studio called police on October 2 to report inappropriate behavior involving Dr. Russell's treatment of two of her female students, ages 13 and 18. That was after that instructor talked to two students.

According to the arrest affidavit, a girl who was 16 years old at the time suffered a groin pull. Russell said he needed to touch her internally to massage the groin. The girl told investigators Russell performed the same procedure three more times.

The arrest affidavit said the chiropractor did the same procedure on the younger girl in June.

When detectives confronted Russell about the allegations, he acknowledged that it could have occurred, as documented in the felony warrant:

Dr. David Russell ... advised that in the commission of being busy that it is very likely that he touched [the girl's genitals] and that it's possible that he would place his hands on the inside of her panties on skin for traction purposes.

A detective then called an instructor at Parker University for chiropractors, where Russell graduated. The instructor told police there is not a procedure taught that would require a chiropractor hand to touch or rest on labia major.

The instructor told investigators, students are taught on how to prevent touching of the genitals while soft tissue massages are taking place.

Court documents also detail inappropriate statements the doctor made to his teenage patients, including comments about their bras and breast sizes.

McKinney police say the girls' stories are not isolated and that they know of at least two other victims.


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