CARROLLTON - Former Carrollton-Farmers Branch's Ranchview High School Head Football Coach Terry LeBlanc left the district during an investigation, in what the Superintendent Bobby Burns cited as alleged ongoing physical and verbal abuse in his letter to the Texas Education Agency.

We talked to a former coach, whose name is listed in the documents obtained by News 8.

He no longer works at Ranchview.He Is one of many coaches who filed complaints to the school about Coach LeBlanc's behavior.

As a result, he and other coaches claim they've been re-assigned, not renewed, or forced to resign out of pressure.

One complaint calls it, retaliation for blowing the whistle .

Included in the documents: concerns about LeBlanc showing his stash of pornographic pictures on the video screen in the coaches office.

Coach Leblanc has shown porn to coaches on numerous occasions, both in the coaching office on school equipment, and on school trips to coaching school, said the former anonymous Ranchview Coach. A lot of texts of naked women on our cell phones while we were teaching.  

Coaches also point to LeBlanc's language.

He cussed at kids constantly. Racial slurs, F words, things that have no business being said in an educational environment.

The district admits in a statement to News 8, its investigation found LeBlanc used inappropriate language

But coaches say it went further.They said, that language led to abuse.

Several coaches cited slapping a kid so hard, it knocks him from his knee to the ground.

This coach said football is a tough sport. Grabbing face masks to get a kids attention is one thing, but he claims LeBlanc took it further.

It's another thing to shake them, to throw them to the ground, to make them embarrassed that you're touching them, said the former coach.

In a letter, Superintendent Bobby Burns sent to the Texas Education Association, he stated a parent filed a complaint to Ranchview's principal for six incidents involving inappropriate language and or physical contact

The Superintendent goes on to say according to some of the individuals interviewed, Mr. LeBlanc placed his hands on students in a way that was found to be inappropriate. But in the end, that information does not conclusively establish any abuse.

After repeated attempts for an on camera interview, the Carrollton Farmer's Branch officials wouldn't talk.

Instead, they released a statement saying it did complete the investigation and took appropriate action, but they wouldn't tell us what that action was.

Mabank High School, hired Coach Terry Leblanc for this school year. But the district won't discuss personnel matters.

We asked, Do you think those kids are safe? and the former coach responded, Absolutely not. Coach LeBlanc has a history of threatening kids and coaches, and being physically violent with kids.

Another coach wrote, It s near unbelievable he is still allowed in a public school around children.

But ask LeBlanc about all the allegations? He told News 8 by phone, quote the investigation is over. The allegations were unfounded. It's time to move on.


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