DALLAS - Her recovery is being called amazing. Two-year-old Joselyn Cedillo left Children s Medical Center of Dallas Wednesday afternoon. The child was in a coma for two days after police said she was tortured by her mother.

A hearing was held Wednesday in the courtroom of Dallas County Associate Judge Christine Collie. She ordered Joselyn and her three siblings remain in foster care.

On the morning of Sept. 7, the day Joselyn was rushed to the hospital, her mother, Elizabeth Escalona, changed her Facebook profile picture to a picture of her and Joselyn and posted the following, Why does God put obstacles in my life?

Escalona now sits in jail accused of torturing her daughter by gluing her hands to the wall, hitting her in the stomach with a milk jug and stomping on her.

In court, the girl's father and other family members asked a judge to let them have custody of Joselyn and her siblings. But Child Protective Services and Collie agreed the children are better off in foster care for now.

The plan is to put them all together right now, until we can figure out family placement or placement with dads, said the guardian ad litem for the children, Tony Olvera.

Joselyn's father, Israel Cedillo, left the courtroom in tears.

News 8 asked him if he would comment on his daughter, but he said he was too emotional to talk. However he said he does want custody of her and his son, Israel Jr.

The father of Escalona s other two children also wants custody of them.

As for Escalona, family and friends said they don't excuse what she allegedly did, but say the 22-year-old mother was an abused child herself and had her first baby at the age of 14.

News 8 has learned she is now pregnant with her fifth child.

On her Facebook page, a friend defended her saying [Escalona] always loved those kids.

A family friend also told News 8 Escalona doted over her children. An Facebook post by Escalona said she was happy her kids had fun after school one day.

Those close to her said the young mother snapped under the pressure.


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