During the summer months, air conditioning costs around 42 cents an hour or $10 a day. That adds up to $300 each month. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your electric bills within reason in this record heat:

- Set your thermostat on high - Yes, it's obvious, but the easiest way to save is to set your thermostat a little higher. Each degree above 70 degrees will save you six to eight percent on your electric bill.

- Get a programmable thermostat - These allow you to set temperatures in advance to adjust for when you're at work, sleeping or just going to be away from home. They can be found online for about $22.

- Use ceiling fans - Fans use far less energy than air conditioning

- Close blinds and drapes - Don't underestimate direct sunlight's effect on room temperature.

- Clean or replace air filters - This will keep your A/C running efficiently and can also help with saving

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