DALLAS Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price said he wanted Tuesday to be business as usual.

It didn't start that way.

Leaving his North Oak Cliff home before dawn, he had to maneuver past news crews to get to his Chevy Suburban... one of the vehicles FBI agents had been searching less than 24 hours earlier.

Speaking about the investigation, he said, Of course I was surprised by it. If you're in public office, you kind of expect something.

Nor was it business as usual for Price's assistant, Dapheny Fain, who is also under federal investigation. She had to run the gauntlet as well on her way to work.

But once Commissioners Court was gaveled into session, not a word was spoken about the fact that the FBI spent all day Monday in the same building, seizing files from Price and Fain.

The only hint came from a public speaker who talked about corruption, but said nothing about Price.

Once the court session ended, however, reporters crowded around Price and peppered him with questions... starting with how he ended up with a luxury car a Bentley that four days earlier was owned by a jail inmate.

I don t know, he said. I bought the car from a dealer.

Price said he has yet to talk to the FBI

What have I told them? I really haven t told them anything, he said. The fact is, I ve been here; I m still here; and I m proceeding with business as usual until we know what the charges are.

Speaking about the case against him, he says there is just one thing he does know.

Its about me, whatever that means, Price said, adding: Of course I ve been targeted.


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