It takes a special kind of fan to cover their bodies entirely in blue paint... and wear it proudly.

Meet Kody and Skylar Wetzold.

This brother and sister team have to show a lot of skin to prove their Mavericks devotion, and painting themselves blue takes guts and even a little desperation.

We couldn't afford tickets, and we had to support our Mavs, Kody said. So we had to do whatever it took to get in the game... and if that means painting our half-naked bodies... that's what we had to do to support the Mavs.

They attended Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Heat. Along with two other firends, Kody and Skylar spelled out M-A-V-S on their bodies.

Their goal is to get into each playoff game for free by winning contests for the best painted body.

Skylar paints everybody in one hour, tops. But taking it all off after the game isn't easy.

For them, they use loofahs, Kody said. For me, I had to use the pot scrubbers like the Brillo pads! So, I'm a little raw.

It doesn't help when you're hairy. And getting rid of this blue mood means taking a 30-minute shower.

Then you get out and see yourself in the mirror and you have to go back and touch up what's behind the ears, Skylar said.

Kody's favorite player is Tyson Chandler for defense. Skylar roots for J.J. Barea (and wouldn't at all mind if he'd just give her a call).


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