SAGINAW Trees and fences were down all over Saginaw in Tarrant County after Tuesday night's powerful storm.

Some neighbors walked outside Wednesday morning to find strangers' clothing in their yards. Others searched for their belongings in the street.

Three-year-old Michael Conner can't stop talking about what happened to the big tree in his Saginaw backyard. It fell down and blew away, he said, adding: I m not scared anymore.

The toddler s mother, Laura Conner, described what happened. We watched our back fence blow off. Then I said, 'Mom, where' s our tree?

The tree was on their house, but it didn't stay there for long.

When friends and family heard what had happened, they showed Conner a recent transplant from Detroit how Texans handle such things.

They arrived with chain saws and a pickup truck, and quickly cut up the debris.

I love Texas, but I'm not a fan of the storms, Conner said.

Fences all around her neighborhood were down. A stranger's clothes appeared in one family's backyard, while Cruz Chavez had to search the street for his family s birdhouse.

It [the wind] bent the pole of the birdhouse, Chavez said.

News 8 saw several Saginaw homes with shingles missing. But despite the mess, all houses our crews visited were intact.

Chavez admits he was surprised.

It just knocked off a few shingles, he said. I figured it would have tore up more than that.


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