EVERMAN Texas is one of 19 states that still allows corporal punishment in schools. In North Texas, that includes the Everman Independent School District.

Superintendent Jeri Pfeifer said their school board approved paddling students long ago as a mode of punishment.

It's been in our policy for, oh, many, many years with parent permission, She said. I think the last time it was used here was probably three or four years ago.

The Texas House will vote on House Bill 359 this Saturday, and it would require parental consent in all school districts where corporal punishment takes place. Currently, there are no regulations.

Sharon Baez, who was picking up her grandchildren at Everman's middle school, said she's old school on this issue. If they contacted parents and got nowhere, then they have to take it into their own hands, she said. I don't believe in beating a child, but I don't think a paddle on the bottom hurt anybody.

Only 40 of 1,033 school districts in the State of Texas have banned corporal punishment. In 2006-2007, records show more than 49,000 Texas students were paddled.

Everman's superintendent prefers not to have administrators spank children, even though it is the district's policy. It doesn't work for me, Jeri Pfeifer said. I don't find it to be affective. I'd much rather establish communication with the student, and let's talk about the issues and find out how we got in this mess.

House members are scheduled to vote to amend HB 359 on Saturday, which would give parents a choice of whether or not they want some school official putting a hand on their child.


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