DALLAS - Thousands of dollars in tickets to sporting events and loans and $800,000 worth of jewelry bought in 17 months are both the subject of two lawsuits involving controversial Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

All of the items were bought on credit with the help of a man who professes to have Bryant's best interests at heart. His name is David Wells. It's a name that has become almost synonymous with Dallas Cowboys in trouble, such as Michael Irvin, Erik Williams, Pac Man Jones and now Bryant.

He has played part father, friend, facilitator and now many would argue enabler.

Wells is at the heart of the allegations that Bryant has failed to pay huge jewelry tabs. Yet, he insists the story is being overblown

The day was April 22, 2010. Gifted college wide receiver Bryant hugged his advisor Wells upon hearing the news he was selected in the first round of the NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys.

The selection would mean a contract and signing, which would mean money, perhaps to begin paying for the bracelet and watch Bryant was wearing that day. It also could mean paying for the other watches, earrings, necklaces and charms he bought for himself and others with the help of the father figure in his life, Wells.

They wanted jewelry for Dez's mother for draft day, said Beth Ann Blackwood, who represents Colleyville jeweler Eleow Hunt. Dez wanted to buy jewelry for some of his friends. He wanted to buy jewelry for some girlfriends. They wanted to buy jewelry for the mother of one of his children on the day she gave birth to the child.

Hunt, along with another area jeweler, is suing Bryant and Wells for non-payment of bills.

Over 17 months, according to the lawsuits, Bryant bought $800,000 in jewelry on credit, much of which was co-signed by Wells, a former bail bondsman with a history of helping high profile athletes in trouble. However, he also has a troubled past of his own.

Blackwood said her client, who had worked with Wells in the past, was promised payment as soon as Bryant got his first check from the Cowboys.

He was told repeatedly by Dez and David Wells, 'Oh, you are going to get paid. You're going to get paid,' Blackwood said. 'We'll pay you, just hold on. We are getting it to you. I'll have it to you by the end of the week.'

Wells, who first agreed but then backed out on an interview with News 8, told WFAA by phone that Dez wants it worked out.

He's getting a plan in place, he said.

I can't answer why, he said as to why Bryant didn't pay his bills on time. It is what it is.

How can I stop anybody from buying jewelry? replied Wells as to why he co-signed for $200,000 of the $800,000 worth of jewelry.

Wednesday, Wells told ESPN Radio that Bryant was in a dark place and was getting much needed help .

Attorney Blackwood suggests Wells may also be in need of help if the full tab is not paid soon.

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