Q: After reading about John Wiley Price for many years, I wrote off the majority of his theatrics as a show to garner publicity and get votes. His most recent attempt ended with him telling white people they can go to hell. This man is an obvious racist and his blatant hate for other people of color cannot be tolerated in a civil society. This man needs to be investigated and summarily removed from office. His ignorance over a word that is constantly used in the media to refer to the Iranian regime astounds me. One would expect an elected official to be a little more intelligent. Hate and racism cannot and will not be tolerated. This man needs to be removed from office immediately and barred from holding a government office in the future. Anything less would be a stamp of approval for racism in the Dallas government.


Q: We have serious concerns about your agenda, when you mention that the City of Dallas is considering a new code of conduct because of what someone called Price, but you did not mention what Price said about an entire race. Do you consider this so insignificant that you could not mention it in your story Sunday evening? Everyone knows that Dallas has had a race issue for many years, but we thought it strange for a television station to join in this ugly practice.

Mr. & Mrs. Turner

Q: I do not see anything on the web today about a follow up to the John W. Price spectacle of yesterday. I would hope that WFAA is going to investigate this or at least cover it as much as would have been done had the situation been reversed (the races). John Price is known for throwing the race card every time a non-African American disagrees with him. In this case while it says he objected to the word Mullah. He did not; he objected to the word tribal. While you are at it, you should do an in depth series about how over-sensitive we have become because they might offend somebody.


A: We heard from some viewers regarding stories involving Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and a recent argument. WFAA reported extensively on this story since it occurred. The full video of the encounter that started everything has been up on our web site at since February 15.

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