DALLAS It's been almost a year since some popular Lower Greenville Avenue businesses were gutted by fire.

With St. Patrick' Day just around the corner, will they be able to re-open in time?

The owners of Terilli's Italian Restaurant say this has been a very long year as they try to get back in business, hoping for a big month in March.

But their restaurant is far from finished along a stretch of Greenville Avenue which has been quiet for almost a year.

With all the weather, we lost two weeks in early February, said owner Amanda Terilli. So that's delayed it some, and it's the weather that has been the main thing.

The historic eatery and three other restaurants were destroyed in a four-alarm fire last March. Firefighters battled to save the facade of the 1930s building.

The Terilli family is grateful, but say this has been a trying year as they try to reopen their Greenville Avenue landmark.

It's been a learning experience for us, and we're ready to get back, Terilli said. It's been really hard, but we are ready to get back.

If all goes to plan, the businesses in the burned-out building will re-open by June 1. At least two of the businesses that burned that day won't re-open here and others will take their place.

It's definitely a quiet block now; there's definitely less traffic on the block, Terilli said. We've already had e-mails and phone conversations with people just saying, 'Let us know, because we are coming back, and we are all going to be there,' and everybody's ready to be back on the block.

The owners say watching their life-long work burn to the ground was heartbreaking, but as they see it come back to life, they have hope.

The businesses say they will participate in the St. Patrick's Day celebration even though they won't be open. They plan to serve beer and food in tents in front of the unfinished restaurants.


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