McKINNEY Minutes after packages were delivered on the doorstep of the Drais residence in McKinney, they were stolen.

It's a problem Candice Drais is hoping you can stop.

The easiest way to protect anything you have delivered to your home is to make sure it is physically presented to someone or signed for not just dropped off at the front door.

Of course, you could take the extreme route like the Drais family did.

Six months ago, Candice Drais installed three outdoor security cameras on her front porch, a second floor bedroom window and her back porch.

On Wednesday, the $2,100 investment paid off.

A recording showed two delivery drivers dropping off three large packages at her front door.

One of them was actually a tricycle for my daughter, and it was 22 pounds, Drais said.

Just 11 minutes later with cameras still rolling a small silver four-door sedan is seen driving past her front door, not once but twice.

Then, in broad daylight, a man with cropped hair and wearing a blue hoodie, exits the passenger side of that car. Carrying a small box, he walks up the Drais residence sidewalk, looks directly into her camera, and then swipes the three packages that had just been delivered

The man leaves an empty decoy package behind.

The driver was a woman, Drais said. We know that because we heard her in the drivers seat giggling, 'Oh! Look at what we got! Oh, wow, big packages!'

Furious, Drais posted the video online, hoping to prevent others from becoming prey of the parcel pilferers.

Every day is Christmas to them where they can go and get peoples' packages off their door and open it like it's Christmas, Drais said.

She adds that she'll never again purchase anything online without signature delivery especially since she's learned that delivery companies are not usually responsible for packages stolen after they were successfully delivered.

Online places, too, need to let you opt for a signature, Drais said. They don't even offer that. They are a retailer, so you can say they are signature-required maybe that would help, too.

McKinney police said they are actively investigating the incident.


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