GRAPEVINE The discussion of birth control is generally done in confidence with a partner, growing children and your doctor.

The Texas attorney general says that trust has been broken nearly 500 times by six North Texas doctors.

They were selling a type of birth control their patients did not know they were getting.

One of those women tells News 8 she feels deceived and angry about what happened.

The Texas attorney general's office says it is very rare for them to sue a doctor, but on Thursday, they filed against six physicians in Grapevine.

Commercials tout the Mirena-brand IUD as one of the easiest long-term birth control devices on the market. An FDA-approved Mirena in the United States costs about $700 wholesale to doctors.

But in Canada, Mirena IUDs can be purchased for as little as $200. Those devices are not FDA approved and are illegal to purchase or sell in the U.S.

Now, six doctors at Women's Integrated Healthcare in Grapevine are being sued by the Texas attorney general's office after buying nearly 500 of the Canadian IUDs online.

Dozens of those Canadian devices were implanted in North Texas patients without their knowledge.

The Texas AG calls it illegal and a violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the Texas Health and Safety Code.

It's just a complete betrayal of confidence, said a patient who asked that we conceal her identity. She told News 8 she was led to believe she was getting an FDA-approved product.

And so was her insurance company, which was billed full price.

I think it is a matter of greed, and I'm just dismayed very dismayed, the patient said.

Doctors at Women's Integrated Healthcare in Grapevine could be fined up to $20,000 for each violation.


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