DALLAS - Police released another tapeon Fridayof officers having to use force to arrest a man. But the tape is very different from the one released earlier this week, which showed officers beating a man, who wasn't resisting arrest.

In this case, police say the suspect was fighting officers and they had to use what ended up being deadly force.

Dallas police say all the trouble with Freddie Locket started around 11:30 p.m.on September 11. Locket hit a man several times in the face at a gas station on Westmoreland, while the man sat in his van.

Locket, opens the driver door and punches the person insidethree orfour times, deputy chief Craig Miller says.

Police are called. When they get there, Locket is agitated and possibly high on PCP. He runs from them several times and at one point, tries to steal a police car.

Officers are forced to use their Tasers on him several times, before the probes from one of the Tasers sticks. It s much like a battery. It has a positive and a negative. Both have to make contact. He takes the one probe and pulls it out, said Miller.

Police say Locket just wouldn't cooperate or calm down, despite repeated commands. He then uses his head and goes over to a mailbox that's encased in concrete and strikes the mailbox with his head, Miller said.

Investigators say the officers knew there would be trouble because Tasing someone while high has lead to other deaths. It's called excited delirium, so they called for an ambulance immediately.

The officers realized they are dealing with a possibility of a person smoking drugs and trying to take every precaution they can, Miller said.

The fire department did treat Locket at the scene, but he died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The Dallas Police Department's Special Investigative Unit is looking at this case. So far they have found the officers did what they had to do and did nothing wrong.


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