SHERMAN Yearbooks, school jackets and class rings all are usually collected to mark the years of high school.

One Celina grad hasn't had his visible memory since a football game 41 years ago, but that all changed last week, courtesy of construction.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. The Brady Bunch premiered on ABC.

And that same year, Sherman High School senior Gary Detro lost his class ring at Bearcat Stadium.

One Friday afternoon before a game, we were out there just setting things up and just throwing the football around, he recalled. The next thing I knew, I didn't have my ring.

Detro searched for days, but never found his ring.

Fast forward to July, 2010. Crews working on Bearcat Stadium's drainage problems are putting in a new field. They removed about seven inches of dirt. That's when the rains came and flattened out the soil.

I just saw something shiny down there. I picked it up and I didn't think a whole bunch about it. It was a ring, said Jeff Hinton, a Sherman ISD employee.

Hinton and Matt Mitchusson found a 1969 yearbook and matched the initials engraved on the ring to Detro. They found a Detro in Sherman, Gary's sister-in-law, who led them to Gary in Celina.

I was shocked, Detro said. How could they find that... that small, that far after the fact?

The 1969 grad, who purchased another class ring after he lost his original one, didn't waste any time. He drove up to Sherman to meet the men and retrieve his lost treasure.

Detro said the odds of finding his ring after 41 years were probably a billion to one. He credited the men who found it for their keen eyes, honesty, and integrity


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