DALLAS - It's a scene that's right out of a documentary on animals - a nesting ground for birds but it's happening in a Dallas neighborhood.

One of nature's wonders is now turning into a nuisance for neighbors, one with a mess and smell that could make them sick.

In Pleasant Grove, families went on with their weekend, trying to ignore the new family on the block - the one that's driving some indoors - far from their backyards.

We don't even hang out here that long because of the smell and the bird feathers everywhere, said resident Derrick Hodge.

Behind Hodge's home is a colony of egrets that took over a piece of property on Grady Lane.

The birds turned the lot into their nesting ground.

Dead birds on the ground, eggs all over falling out of the tree and then the feces, says Hodge of the scene.

Two doors down, at Patricia Caldwell's house, it's the stench that's making her sick.

I've been here over 30 years and I have never seen anything like this, she said.

Let's say you have something rotting. It just smells terrible.

One nuisance is breeding another.

You have to get in the house real fast, if not, you are killing flies the rest of the night, said Caldwell.

Despite the mess, egrets are untouchable, as they are a protected bird.

You can't kill them because they are protected, so really there's nothing you can do, at all, said Caldwell.

Marina Sepelef from Irving came to document the unusual sight.

You see such things that are not connected to big cities. I feel somewhere in the mountains, in the forest, she said.

Caldwell felt the same way when the egrets moved in a month ago.

It was real cute. I told somebody 'look at the birds,' but after they didn't go away, I changed my mind, she said.

Now, she and her neighbors are waiting for them to leave.

I hope they leave real soon like find another home, Caldwell said.

Moving day could be in the fall.


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