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DALLAS - While babies are born every day, one birth at Medical City Dallas Thursday was truly a rare event. In fact, there had never been one like it in the hospital's history.

Becky Lowrance is a new mom, but she's not your typical one. Her baby, born on noon Thursday weighing six pounds and nine ounces, was a Medical-City miracle.

Clint and I have decided that God has a plan for this little baby, Lowrance said.

The first-time mother had a heart transplant in January of 2008. Women who receive heart transplants normally can't have children.

We asked my heart transplant doctor before we had the transplant if we could have a baby and he said, 'No, your heart just can't handle it,' Lowrance said.

Her doctor said Lowrance turned out to be a lucky case.

A lot of heart transplant patients have many, many things wrong with them, said Dr. Mark Bernstein, Medical City Dallas. She's fortunate she doesn't have those.

Lowrance required constant monitoring by Medical City's transplant team. Also, some of her medications needed changing, as they can cause serious risks to an expectant mother and her baby.

I would see a high-risk doctor about three or four times just to make sure everything was okay,and I've had an amazing pregnancy, she said. Everything is going really well.

Because a donor shared her heart, Lowrance and her husband can now share their love with Addison Nichole Lowrance, whose middle name was that of Lowrance's donor.

Lowrance's cardiologist said her birth may have been the first birth from a heart transplant recipient in North Texas.


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