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CARROLLTON The Fort Worth truck driver who survived a fiery crash on State Highway 121 last week will get some charred reminders of what many believe was a miracle.

A curious mountain biker found some very personal items belonging to the driver under the overpass where his cab dangled precariously last Thursday.

Pat Harrington said his discovery began as curiosity. He saw the horrific images on the news, and rode his mountain bike to the crash site.

In the rubble, sitting face up in the ashes, he discovered a book entitled, Saved from Hell. He believes it was more than coincidence.

The guy truly was saved from hell, Harrington said. If you saw that fire, that inferno and the name of his company Leap of Faith. If he wasn't a believer before, he should be now.

The mountain biker also found a calculator, melted binoculars and an emblem that was mounted on the truck. In a nearby creek, he found the truck's license plate.

The truck driver, Randy Pierce, said he is surprised some of the items from his cab survived. But then again he said it s nothing short of a miracle that he survived as well.

Among the items found: An envelope labeled vacation photos. They contain pictures of his recent trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he visited his daughter.

Somehow, some way, the photos survived the intense heat.

So as I was looking around, I thought, the guy lived through this. It will be something he remembers for the rest of his life. He might want some mementos, Harrington said.

Pierce said he appreciates Harrington taking the time to bag some of the items from the fire. It s just remembrance of how lucky I am; how lucky that I didn't burn up in the truck, he said.

The two men plan to meet soon. I'm just going to let him know that I'm glad he's alive, Harrington said. I'm glad we found a couple of his things, and I hope he gets to enjoy a long and healthy life from this point forward.


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