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FORT WORTH A $10,000 reward was posted for information about three gunmen wanted in a robbery attempt at a gasoline station that left a clerk dead and a delivery driver wounded.

The shootings took place around dawn Tuesday at the Valero station in the 4100 block of Mansfield Highway near Forest Hill.

Fort Worth police released surveillance video Tuesday night that documents the final moments of 22-year-old store clerk Daniel Rojas as two of the masked men ordered him at gunpoint to direct them to the cash.

Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead said the men shot Rojas dead before leaving; a third suspect in the store's parking lot shot the driver of a Mrs. Baird's bread truck driver in the head. That man, whose name was not released, was in critical condition but was expected to survive.

Halstead offered details of the crime Tuesday to the Fort Worth City Council.

They should not have taken his life the way they did, said Rosa Rojas, the clerk's grieving mother, speaking through a translator. He was a good person, and he didn't deserve what they did to him.

Rosa Rojas said her son, the youngest of four children, was the kind of person who would give the shirt off his back. Daniel Rojas had dropped out of community college and was working to save money so he could continue his education

Witness Victor Harris, who pulled up at the convenience storefor his daily cup of coffee on Tuesday, came face-to-face with the two gunmen.

The other guy came out with a gun pointing at me. So when I saw him, I just turned, and grabbed cover, he said.

Harris said the clerk, who was killed, had become a good friend. I am sad to hear what happened to him, Harris said.

Whatever I say, it's not enough to bring my son back, Rosa Rojas said.

Police said the delivery driver, who transports Mrs. Baird's Bread, was in critical condition.

Schepps Dairy offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the suspects. Call Fort Worth homicide detectives at 817-392-4330 if you have any information.

This isn't the first time gunmen have targeted this Valero station.

I only worked there 12 days and two men came in and robbed the store and shot me, said Carleen Flanagan, a former employee.

Flanagan said she was wounded so badly back in 1991, she needed a hip replacement and hasn't been able to work a day since.

Police are looking into whether one man who ran out with gasoline in his hand had poured it all over the store with the intent of setting it on fire.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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