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FORT WORTH Of all the people running the Cowtown Marathon this Saturday, there s one participant whose race will have just begun when he crosses the finish line.

Don Armstrong is a cancer survivor from Fort Worth who plans to run 10 marathons, raising half a million dollars for research.

Cowtown is only the first.

But, then again, Armstrong is accustomed to facing down long odds as he did when he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005 at Texas Health-Fort Worth.

His nurse, Trayce McNulty, said Armstrong felt what most patients do: Shock and disbelief.

In preparation for Armstrong s quest to raise $500,000 for cancer research, he went back to the hospital to visit with patients facing what he faced and to see his favorite nurse.

The fact that I haven t seen her since September-October of 2005 and I m getting this emotional about it tells you that there was a really unique connection, Armstrong said.

Five years later, he still remembers the hope cancer survivors gave to fight his fight, and he wants to pass it on.

It was a chance to give back for people that can t, Armstrong said. I m not doing it for me; I m doing it for those that can t do it.

The biggest thing you can give these cancer patients is hope, McNulty said, and I think he is the epitome of hope.

Just imagine what kind of inspiration he'll be able to provide 10 races from now.


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