DALLAS Other than the original Broadway production, the current tour of The Phantom Of The Opera at the Music Hall at Fair Park is the finest I have seen.

Tim Martin Gleason is vocally stunning as the masked Phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House and attempts to control the young ingenue, Christine, played by Marni Raab.

The intimate moments in Phantom resonate quite well, even in the massive Fair Park Hall.

This is a huge and competent touring production, with elaborate sets and costumes.

I have seen Phantom so many times I could recite the libretto, but this impressive production stands well above the rest. That includes Texas actress Kim Stengel, who has now played Carlotta, the overbearing opera singer, for a record-setting 4,800 performances.

This is the last time the traditional production of Phantom will play in Dallas. A shorter, scaled-down version of the longest-running show in Broadway history is in the planning stages.

For now, embrace this 36-member cast and their memorable, thrilling production of The Phantom Of The Opera.


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