This week's Uncut commentary is about the Dallas initiative concerning saggy pants.

You can add my voice to the chorus demanding people pull their pants up in public. The only drawers I'm interested in seeing in public are a chest of drawers in the furniture department.

The argument has been made that every generation has its quirky customs. I know something about that.

Take a look at this picture. That's me big hair when big hair was in for young people, I had it.

I got rid of it when the time came to get a job and put food on the table.

But that has nothing to do with what we're talking about today.

They're called underpants for a reason; you re supposed to keep 'em to yourself in public.

For kids still in school, you can kind of understand. It's probably not their fault. Some of them may not be getting any home training (as we used to call it), which is too bad.

But it's the out of high school people I'm talking about the adults who want to act like kids even though they're out of school.

Thirteenth graders, I call them.

Walk into any store or business and you're not likely to find the belt line of the person doing the hiring so low they have to keep their legs far apart... to keep their pants from dropping around their ankles.

Look: We're judged by how we dress. It's not fair, but it's the way life is.

The Dallas plan to put drawers back undercover is good advice; it's where all drawers belong.

Those are my thoughts. Tell me yours.


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