ROCKWALL Last week, News 8 traveled to Minnesota to examine how that state is handling the spread of zebra mussels.

Now, there s proof the problem is spreading here in Texas.

Zebra mussels can overtake a lake, crowding out fish by hogging their food supply. And what started as an issue at Lake Texoma is now a problem in a second North Texas lake.

The discovery came from a boat that recently arrived at Lake Ray Hubbard from zebra mussel-infested Lake Texoma. It sat in a boat slip at Chandler's Landing Marina for a week-and-a-half until it was pulled out of the water for repairs.

Once we pulled it up on the rail, we noticed it had zebra mussels attached to it, said Gus Perrin, operations manager at LMD Marine Services, the company that repaired the vessel.

The marina manager called out the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Divers found a single zebra mussel near a boat ramp, a few hundred yards from the boat slip.

If they found one, there could be a hundred; we just don't know, said marina manager Joel Weiner.

The zebra mussels are a big concern for boaters like Al Osborne. We don't want them, he said.

It's also a concern for the public water supply. Lake Ray Hubbard is a source for Dallas Water Utilities.

The boat with the zebra mussels was sprayed with chlorine and quarantined before it was allowed to return to the water. Several traps have been placed in the boat slip to determine if the mussels that hitchhiked on its hull have multiplied.


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