ROWLETT Imagine turning on your shower or kitchen faucet and seeing a slow, frustrating trickle of water come out.

That s what is happening in some Rowlett neighborhoods, where water pressure has been a common complaint for years. City leaders are trying to find solutions.

One problem is that the water towers are not tall enough to create adequate pressure. The taller the tanks are, the higher the water pressure.

Rowlett homeowner Gary Ahmad says water pressure has been a constant frustration since he moved into his Rowlett house four years ago. The biggest problem is the toilets. The pressure is really bad, and we have numerous clogs on a daily basis, he said.

Iqtadar Khan says when he lived in Garland, his water pressure was twice as strong as it is now. It takes a whole lot of time to water the front yard, compared to what I had in the previous house, he said.

Rowlett spokeswoman Donna Huerta said complaints come in regularly to City Hall. We've had residents call and let us know, even in the shower, they could just barely get it to drip. That's not acceptable, she said.

City leaders hired a consultant to look into the water pressure problems and come up with solutions. They want to raise two water towers by 50 feet each. That should create more pressure throughout the system.

In some areas of town, the water pressure gets so low that we have to manually adjust the pressure to accommodate what their needs are, Huerta said.

So Rowlett officials urge residents to be patient just a little longer; they say it's going to take a year-and-a-half to raise the two water towers.


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