GRAND PRAIRIE -- The Prairie Paws Adoption Center at the Grand Prairie Animal Shelter was teetering around capacity before the Memorial Day weekend.

They feared any more animals and they would have to euthanize some of them.

'The worst case scenario is we would have to put them down for time or space...that is the worst example that we can give and what we hate to be up against,' explained Danielle Tate with the City of Grand Prairie.

The summer months, especially the holiday weekends, means an influx in animals: a boost the City of Grand Prairie Animal Services knew they wouldn't be able to handle -- so they asked the public help.

They slashed adoption fees and put out a call for help on social media, asking the community to adopt -- even foster pets -- to open up kennel space.

'The community did step up; we got 40 dogs total out over Friday and Saturday and we got 43 cats out over Friday and Saturday. The bad thing is we took in 26 dogs and 26 more cats,' said Tate.

Tate said the cry for help through social media ended up opening about a dozen kennels, preventing the euthanizing of otherwise healthy animals.

Because of the seasonal increase in cats and dogs from May 27-31, all kittens will be available for adoption for $5. That's down from the regular fee of $70.

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