DALLAS- Dallas students took a stand against budget cuts because they are concerned about their own education.

To make sure their voices were heard, about 200 students walked out of Lincoln High School on Friday. Hundreds more students did the same Friday afternoon.

Without permission from the school's principal, assistant principal or Lincoln High School teachers, Student Council President Damarcus Offord, walked out of class, rallied his classmates and staged a protest to save jobs.

If it doesn't work, at least we tried, said Offord. That s all that matters.

Students and parents were upset over looming budget cuts that threaten to get rid of numerous teachers at Lincoln High and other schools across the area.

We don't wanna lose any of the teachers and it s very important we keep every one of the teachers here at Lincoln High School, said Regina, parent.

Offord said teachers are valued and without them it is impossible to learn.

Losing our teachers is losing our students and the dropout rate raises this takes on a big challenge a big initiative, Offord said.

Students returned to class later in the morning, but not without getting their message heard.

It s time to get involved we can't wait until June, July, August. The time to start now is in March, Offord said.

Officials estimate 32 positions are expected to be cut at Lincoln, although not all will be teachers.

District administrators tell News 8, the students who participated will likely be listed as tardy for missing class Friday.

A similar protest was also scheduled at Cedar Hill High School.


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