CEDAR HILL -- A Cedar Hill police officer who was set on fire by a suspect on July 9 is telling her story.

'He told me he had gasoline,' said Officer Ann McSwain.

McSwain said she was chasing after burglary suspect Terrance Dunn when he ran into the Wingstop off Highway 67 and Beltline Road.

He had gasoline and a lighter and she said she knew she had to stop him, so she tackled him.

'The T-shirt he was wearing was soaked in it, and so maybe two or three seconds went by, and that's when I heard the explosion and saw the flames come right up to my face at that point,' McSwain said.

Before she knew it, she was on fire. In a panic, she jumped up and ran.

'[...]and when I got outside, the only training I could revert back to was kindergarten, first grade -- to stop, drop and roll,' she said.

She started rolling, thinking she had to get the flames out.

'Then I kind of got into a panic mode, because the flames wouldn't go out, so I screamed,' she said.

That's when Good Samaritan Spencer Stroud and his friend saw her and ran to help. Spencer took his shirt off and put out the flames.

'It should be anybody's instinct that if they see someone in trouble they should do whatever to help them,' Stroud said.

Officer McSwain said he saved her life.

She was burned on her arms and legs, and recovery has been painful. Still she said she found blessings in the outpouring of support.

'It's so been dwarfed by humanity and love and support, that in some ways, this is probably is one of the best things that has ever happened to me,' McSwain said.

And she said she won't be stopped. She is going right back on the streets as soon as she is healed.


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