Garland's got a good method for protecting people from predatory landlords, and based on a series of reports this week, other cities should follow its lead.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

News 8's Tanya Eiserer detailed the nightmareconditionsof manytenants in properties owned by Khosrow Sadeghian. He rents to people with bad credit all over North Texas.

Among the conditions Tanya cited in his properties were spilled sewage, rotting floors, even an electrified medicine cabinet -- conditions that, in some cases, might not meet code.

At least one tenant complained that when they moved out Sadeghian kept their security deposit.

Khosrow Sadeghian, as you might imagine, objects to how the stories portray him. He considers himself a better-than-average landlord, and everybody knows not every tenant is perfect, so the problem would seem easy to solve.

If the units in Tanya's stories are really are so habitable, perhaps Mr. Sadeghian should move into one of them. Not for a day or a week -- how about a year? And bring the family.

Absent that, Garland's plan requiring inspections when a new tenant moves in seems in order. It's not perfect, but it might help.

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