I used to date a guy with a big orange tabby. At the time, I didn't like cats. They were such aloof animals and not that into me. Turns out, it was the guy who wasn't interested in me and I fell in love with the cat.

I became what is known as a 'cat person.' I have shiny toys rolling around my house. I keep a lint roller in my car. To be a 'cat person' is a strange, submissive existence.

This world is ruled by dog people. The president owns a Labradoodle. Singles meet in dog parks. Movies and bestsellers get made about life-changing dogs, but what about life-changing cats?

My cat has kept me company through the toughest hours of my life. Caring for him has given me purpose. I adore dogs, who spread their affection to any stranger. But there's something profound about finding connection with a creature who doesn't love anyone but me. To be fair, my cat doesn't really know anyone but me.

Cats are the world's most popular house pet. Videos of cats rule the Internet, the medium which finally embraced felines. And yet, having a cat still comes with a stigma.

Men who have cats get teased for it, and women who own cats are called 'crazy cat ladies,' as though caring deeply for a pet turns you into some weirdo or lonelyheart. Well, I've been both in my time, but I can assure you that having a cat didn't turn me into anything but a happier human being.

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