KELLER -- Tom Wood is now speaking about his brother, Philip, in the past tense.

'Phil was a special guy. The world's a little less bright without him,' Tom Wood said. 'A whole lot less bright without Phil.'

For more than two weeks inside their Keller home, Philip Wood's family has wondered what happened to their son, their brother. He was a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The IBM executive was living in Beijing and in the process of moving to Kuala Lumpur.

And while we don't know how or why yet, officials announced Monday definitively the plane ended its journey in the Indian Ocean, near Perth, Australia.

'It's not the answer we wanted, but it's an answer. It does help to know,' Tom Wood said.

The pain of Monday's announcement was felt here in Texas and beyond. Philip Wood's girlfriend, Sarah Bajc, wrote to us from Beijing, in part: 'I still feel his presence, so perhaps it was his soul all along.' However she added she has 'no real closure' because there is no confirmed wreckage.

On the 'Finding Philip Wood' Facebook and Twitter accounts, which had been updated constantly in recent days, a simple message reads, in part: 'Our collective hearts are hurting now.'

As for Wood's parents, 'It's a quiet sadness,' Tom Wood said. He said his parents are having a hard time with the news.

'We'd been praying for something. This isn't what we wanted, but it's something,' he said.

But without actual wreckage to sift through, Wood said this is far from over.

'I want them to retrieve that black box,' the brother said. 'We know something. We know the plane went down. And we want to know more.'

They want a reason or an explanation for why Philip Wood and 238 others never made it to Beijing, though his family believes he did make it to a better place.

There will be a memorial for Philip Wood, however details have not been set at this time.


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