Monte Kiffin should probably be marooned on a desert island. I have no personal animus against a man who is probably quite nice in person and who, after all, didn't hire himself, but as there never has been a worse defense than this, just firing him would send the wrong message. You can't have more defenses like this. The NFL would crumble.

Did Tony Romo only pass for 104 yards against Da Bears? Sure. With three TDs, no INTs and his highest QB rating (109.2) since the Broncos game. Don't you dare blame this loss on Tony Romo, or on DeMarco Murray, for that matter, who gashed the Bears defense for 146 yards, 8.1 yards per carry, out gaining his counterpart, Matt Forte, by 44 yards? And Forte was playing against the Cowboys defense.

And don't blame it on offensive balance, either. Dang. Murray had 18 carries to 20 throws from Romo.

It's just that neither of them spent any time on the field because the defense was busy steam-cleaning a red carpet for any Bears player who wanted to, to score a touchdown. Seriously. TDs for Marshall, Forte, Bennett, Bush. A rushing TD for Josh McCown. That's not so bad. That guy can really move. He's had a total of three rushing yards over the last four games. So.

I mean, getting blasted by the Saints and the Broncos is one thing. But wow. This game, luckily, doesn't really matter yet, despite the fact that they fell one behind the Eagles for the NFC East. Had the Boys somehow come into the final game of the season, against the Eagles, a game up, they would have avoided having to win the last game of the season to make it for the nine millionth year in a row.

But whether they are tied or down one to the Eagles in that game, because the Eagles lost to the Giants the Cowboys have the tiebreak, and therefore would just have to win regardless.

But, then again, does it really matter? I mean what playoff team could that Cowboys team possibly beat? They're all-purpose awful on the defensive end, they're doing everything badly. They are 32nd in passing yards allowed and 28th in rushing yards allowed. They cannot stop anyone doing anything. It feels like that does matter, doesn't it?

So this week, they play the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers, and they can win. Unlike Josh McCown, Matt Flynn or whoever they start is a huge drop-off from the normal guy and the only team the Pack has beaten with Flynn at the helm is 3-10 Hawks, by one point. They can almost certainly beat the Redskins next week, too, especially with RG III out for the season.

It is very much not a given that they'll be able to contain the talented, but inconsistent Eddie Lacy, or the explosive Jordy Nelson. Nothing is a given right now. But they are the superior team and will be for the next two weeks.

Which means that so as long as they just kind of take care of business, they will go into that last game no worse than one game down. And have a chance to make the playoffs. As always, it'll be a chance for an absolutely heartbreaking game, and all that, but they are and will be in contention so long as they beat two bad teams.

But they are really going to have to work pretty hard those two games to make anyone think it matters whether or not they do.

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