At an age when Bob McKinley could have retired, he started working more. For years he coached the women's team at Weatherford College, but this year added the responsibilities of athletic director, and head coach of the men's team.

I had done the girls and the guys one other time -- that was several years ago. I was probably closer to 40 at that time, said McKinley.

McKinley arrived in 1977 to coach the men and serve as A.D. In 1991 he took over the women's team and held all three jobs for a few years. Now, in response to budget cuts, he's doing all three again. And he knows his attitude is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

I don't think you can just say 'That's all we're going to do,' and be willing to do whatever you can to help the situation -- whatever it is. I think most of the people on our campus feel the same way.

Guard Jaryn Koenig has one theory as to her coach's secret.

To me it's just, he's loving life where he is. He enjoys every single bit of it every day. You can see it in practice, you can see it just him sitting in his office.

Earlier this season, McKinley hit the 800-win ceiling, a big milestone for any coach, but he couldn't even remember which game it was.

McKinley says that when women's games end, he needs to take a moment and re-focus, and get ready to coach the men's team. After all, it's the first time he's coached them since 1995.

But he knows nothing really changes.

Men, women -- it doesn't make any difference what it is. If they know you love them, they'll let you do them any way, in practice, in games.

You can talk to them as long as they know you care about them.

35 years in one place is proof of that.

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