IRVING As Halloween approaches and our children prepare to knock on a stranger's door, warn them that the phrase trick or treat cuts both ways.

If children shy away from the house at the corner of Plymouth Drive and Alden Street in Irving, it could be they are having flashbacks to The Munsters on TV.

Or it could be they fear what they are about to see. Enter at your own risk.

Your host? Jimmy Stewart (no relation, and he's not into acting). He's into other things, he and his friends.

And once you are safely inside, the real treat begins.

Stewart would like for you to meet some of his roommates, such as his 15-foot Burmese python. It's a snake so large, so powerful, it takes three people to handle him.

The large python is just one of more than two dozen snakes that have taken up residence with Stewart, not all of whom he always gets along with.

Almost every snake in here has bitten me at least once, he said. But that's just part of the trade. If you mess with them, you are going to get bit.

Stewart doesn't really mess with his guests. I'm a little more careful with the venomous ones, he said.

You see, Stewart's house is also home to Dallas Reptile Rescue. Stewart's father was a biologist and as a boy he became fascinated with slithering, snapping, leaping, crawly critters.

Now, when he learns of any reptiles that become too much for their owners, Stewart takes them in and coddles them.

So, trick-or-treaters, beware (and reporters who dare) are sure to be captivated.

Just don't enter alone... and don't get too close.


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