FORT WORTH Starting a business can be tough under any conditions, but especially now, in our less-than-stable economy.

A pair of North Texas entrepreneurs credit a nontraditional MBA school with helping them get their business rolling.

Eleanor Burkett and Michael McDermott are fullfilling their dreams one taco at at time. Their mobile food truck Yes! Taco is quickly making a name for itself in Fort Worth.

It is a reallly fresh taco that you can't necessarily grab at a chain restaurant, Burkett said.

Gourmet breakfast and lunch tacos made with fresh, healthy ingredients like turkey, fish and vegetables have become the pair's recipe for success.

We sell a lot of them! McDermott boasted.

Sales are booming, thanks, they say, to the business skills they both learned at Austin-based Acton School of Business, a non-traditional MBA program.

Students can earn a degree in less than a year. Classes are taught by successful entreprenuers who lead students through real-life case studies.

I wanted to learn from someone who wasn't neccesarily an academic in a business sense but someone who had those experiences and could speak to them honestly, Burkett said.

Acton forces you to think like your customer, McDermott added. So when we decided that our customer wanted flavorful food at a low cost, we came up with a creative way to deliver those things to them.

For those customers, Yes! Taco has many in Fort Worth saying, Yes!

I think the whole idea with food trucks is you are supposed to get really good food really cheap, or at good prices, at least, said customer Kaitlin Zimicki-Bowditch. I think Yes! Taco does that.

Officials at Acton School of Business say 94 percent of their alumni are currently employed. Tuition for the program is $49,500.


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