BASTROP COUNTY Nearly 1,700 Texas homes have been destroyed in the last month because of wildfires, most of them in Bastrop County.

On Saturday, dozens of volunteers spent the day helping victims haul off debris.

Edith Gertz is finally ready for a clean slate. She recently lost her home in the devastating Bastrop County wildfire, but before she can rebuild, all of the debris on her property must be removed.

On Saturday, the Tahitian Village resident was not alone. Nearly two dozen volunteers with the Austin Disaster Relief Network helped her get rid of the big things and save the small things.

Felix and Sara Brown are a brother-sister team who discovered Christmas decorations and a pepper shaker.

Fires may damage your house, but you still have plenty of memories that you can salvage, said Sara Brown, a 4th grader from South Austin.

Even for the homeowners who do have insurance, cleanup costs are rarely covered. That is why Saturday s volunteers were so important.

In all, nearly 100 volunteers helped clear 16 homes down to slabs. They hope to get to as many as 200 homes this fall.

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