DALLAS - Rebuilding the LBJ Freeway will give drivers headaches on the road for the next five years - from detours to closures. And now, to lighting.

The most recent problem for some drivers is the lack of lighting along the corridor between Midway and Valley View.

Not able to see especially at this time at night and in the early morning, said Crochet. It can be very hazardous.

According to the LBJ Express Project, crews are working with TXDOT, Oncor and the City of Dallas on 11 poles along the highway, moving wires and installing new lighting equipment, including meters.

The job is leaving drivers in the dark.

What's taking place is, that we are adding a meter box to each one of these poles and a regulator here that allows us to turn the lights on and off, said Andy Rittler, a spokesman for the project.

Rittler told News 8 developers are addressing driver concerns and considering a temporary solution.

We are looking at some supplemental lighting, of course, in some areas where we need it, Rittler said.

He added that the work should be finalized in a few weeks and drivers will see a marked improvement.

Drivers will see the lights are going to be on on LBJ, Rittler said.


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