FRISCO, TX - For the last three years, Michael Ryder has been playing for the Boston Bruins.

Yeah, he's a sniper, a pure goal scorer, says Stars left wing Brenden Morrow. I think he'll fit in well which ever line he plays.

Brad Richards is gone, but Ryder is among seven players signed by the Dallas Stars during the off season designed to help give the team more depth.

It seems like they're making a push to make the playoffs and just want to help us get there, Rydersays. He will play right wing for the Stars.

I'm going to try and do what I can if it's scoring goals or whatever role, Ryder says. I've got to try and do that and do what I can.

Ryder is one of four players on the Stars roster with his name on the Stanley Cup. Last year, he helped the Boston Bruins win a championship. When the day came for him to have the Stanley Cup in his possession for 24 hours, which is a long standing tradition, things didn't go so well.

I just laid it down on the table and when I turned around, it was on the ground, Ryder says.

That's right, Lord Stanley's Cup, the Holy Grail of ice hockey, took a giant tumble from a table to the ground.

Well you know I didn't do that, Ryder says. Somebody didn't set the table up right. I get in trouble and everyone says I dropped it, but it wasn't me.

The Stanley Cup was established back in the late 1800's so it was a scary scene to see all that history come tumbling to the ground. The table was about three feet high.

I don't know who was working the camera but he didn't have all the angles covered, so I guess there's only one guy who really knows the story, Morrow says.

Did he cringe?Yeah I did, Morrow says. You know, it just adds character to it. We've heard the stories. You have your fun with it but somehow they hammer it out and make it look like new for the next year.

Brenden made a little comment on the way in.He said are you sure you didn't drop anything on the way in here, so, I thought it was funny, says Stars left wing Jamie Benn.We all gave him a hard time.

It was a little scary because you don't know what happens, Ryder says. It's a little funny now when I look back, but at least I'll be remembered somehow, right?

With that dent on the top of the cup, he sure will.
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