It's time for my official Super Bowl prediction. But if you read my stuff, you know I don't do predictions, because if anyone were really good at predicting, he'd be in Vegas making money at the sports book. We're all guessers, and here's mine:

Steelers 41, Packers 15

My reasoning:

From a North Texas perspective, everything that could go wrong this week, has gone wrong. So why not the game itself? Steelers win a boring game to add another title, further distancingthemselves from the Cowboys in championship count.

To review, here are the problems from the week:

A once-in-a-generation weather phenomenon: rain storms late Tuesday night turn into freezing rain and snow because of plummeting temperatures. Frozen roads and sub-freezing temps keep the roads iced for three full days, canceling a number of events and causing low attendance at others.

A once-a-year snowstorm Thursday night/Friday morning, a rare occurrence in itself, but combined with the timing of Super Bowl week and the aforementioned weather phenomenon, it's ridiculous.

Six people injured by falling ice around Cowboys Stadium.

Robert Cook of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club misses this year's game. The Packers fan is in a Wisconsin hospital with an undisclosed illness.

And the final reason for my predicted final score? If it lands there I'll win a square at work. And that will be one thing that has gone right this week.

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