JUSTIN The starting quarterback for Southlake Carroll High School, Daxx Garman, was declared ineligible to play football as the season kicked off Friday night.

The Dragons lost their opening game at Copperas Cove 35-14.

Hours earlier, a University Interscholastic League District Executive Committee voted 4-3 to prevent Garman from playing in Texas.

After more than three hours, the committee made up of 14 athletic directors and principals from 5A high schools made the decision at Northwest ISD Athletic Complex.

I think it was a tough decision, and you feel bad for the family and everyone involved, but there's processes in place and they can still go to the state level to appeal, said Susan Elza, a committee chairwoman.

An attorney for the Garmans told News 8 they do plan to appeal the decision to the UILas early as Monday morning.

We are extremely disappointed and the board had problems with it, too, that's why [the vote] was so close - four to three, said Scott Adams. The only person who is really harmed by all this is a 17-year-old kid who has never been in any trouble in his life, Adams continued, And it just makes me sick to see him go through it.

Garman is as good academically as he is athletically, Adams said, by maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.

Daxx Garman's parents attended the hearing without their son, and walked away after the vote without talking to reporters.

Elzatold News 8 that Garman can appeal the decision butthe high school senior cannot play football while that is pending.

The ruling comes after a News 8 investigation raised questions about whether Garman moved to Southlake this year from outside Oklahoma City just to play football- which is prohibitedin Texas' UIL regulations.

At issue was whether Garman fulfilled residency requirements and had a bona fide residence in Southlake which would make him eligibleto play football in Texas this year.

Friday morning'sevidence and testimony happened in a closed-door hearing. What specifically swayed members of the District Executive Committee to rule Garman ineligible to play is uncertain.

We had valid answers for everything, Adams added. We met every requirement. Idon't know what happened.

He said the Garmans beganpreparing their suburban Oklahoma City home for sale in May and actually listed it in August in order to meet the Texas residency requirements.

Adams said Pat Garman, the quarterback'sfather, maintains a business in Oklahoma and travels from Southlake on Monday morning and returns on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

In April, a prior UIL District Executive Committee did declare Garman eligible to play in Texas.

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