IRVING We've become so accustomed to Texas Stadium being part of our landscape, it's easy to overlook what a prominent piece of property it is.

It is visible, accessible from three major highways, and will soon be the location of a new DART light rail station.

In terms of visibility, it ranks up among the top three or four intersections in all of North Texas, said Chris Wallace with the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.

For the next six to seven years, the site will serve as a staging area for the Texas Department of Transportation as it builds a High Five-type interchange in the area.

After that, the future begins. And what will Irving of the future look like?

A lot like Irving of the present.

Specifically, Las Colinas, which will likely be a model for the new development.

Las Colinas sets a high bar for master-planned corporate/residential development. Wallace says the 84-acre stadium area will strive for that same level, with corporate headquarters, a hotel and a deck park over the highway.

It is one of the largest redevelopment opportunities in this part of the entire country, Wallace said.

The site will pay tribute to the stadium's heritage and will also include public art like a dramatic bridge or St. Louis-type arch as the gateway to Irving, Wallace said.

When you drive by, you have to have that 'wow' factor, Wallace said.

And a bigger 'wow' for the City of Irving will be a dramatic increase in property taxes dwarfing what Texas Stadium paid.


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